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Friday, February 12, 2010

Thinking of Tri-ing

Today is a good day.  Awake at 6.55  (not that that is a good thing necessarily) up at 7.20am.  Breakfast of a small bowl of yoghurt and oats by 7.30 and out the door by 7.45am.  I know i'm supposed to wait 30 minutes before leaving but i ate late last night and and i have a good stomach, its strong and doesn't normally give me any troubles. No matter how many drinks i mix!!

Today i RAN for 25 minutes and covered 2.38miles.  It took a little while to get in the groove of running faster but i managed a full 15 minutes of slogging before i stopped for a minute and headed back. I didn't time it properly but i think i ran a bit over a 10 minute mile.  So not SO fast but well, i'm happy.  I got up, and went straight out.  It was cold out, sunny and -11F but as i did what i said i would do, i felt GREAT!

As i really enjoy cycling and can't see myself giving it up, i have been looking in to triathlons.  I realize i haven't even raced a 5k yet but i like to look ahead.  I found one that will be a great starter one. Its a 500m swim in a pool, 14k bike ride and 5k run.  I can totally see myself being able to do that in a year from now.  Its in May 2010 so i guess it would be in May in 2011, and its in the right area and doesn't cost much. 

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