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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chatty Tuesday

Well what a FANTASTIC weekend (not that everyday isn't a weekend for the unemployed)  Friday i did some speed work. I warmed up with a mile jog then I set my ipod to buzz me every 30 seconds, and on that mark, i would run fast, then the next 30 I walked to recover.  I did this for 15 minutes and in that time, i only had to take 2 whole minute breaks. I then did another 1/2 mile cool down jog.  I seriously need to do speed intervals more often, to increase my lung capacity.  Friday night we went out with friends for sushi.  And that was the start of the weekend food debacle.

Every time i go out to eat i wonder how much people care that i am gluten intolerant.  I explain my situation, often saying its an allergy, so people who appear to have no clue as to what im talking about, take me seriously.  Depending on what type of place it is, i will say, 'so i can't have soy sauce' or 'so no toast' or the like, if its a flashy place i expect them to know.  So i told our waitress about the soy etc. and ordered my food.  When it arrived, the roll i ordered looked like it had fake crab in it; which i can't eat.  So when i checked, the waitress asked the chef and it turns out the crab was real, but they add soy sauce to the roll innards.  Well didn't i say no say sauce?  er Yes, yes i did, in plain English..  So i get another one on order, lump crab with no soy sauce and a $4 up charge for the lump crab.  Delicious. In the mean time, i pull the fish off the top of that roll and my companions eat the rest - free food!  And i wait for my replacement.

Saturday we drive to Chicago to see friends and their 5 month old boy Sam.  OMG how cute. I am so so so broody (and have been for 2 years - this doesn't help)  We head out for lunch once Sam has been bundled up, take a stroll down the road to a lovely place with loads of beers but no, they don't have any GF beer :(  I ordered a bun-less burger (as always stating why) and when it arrived, well of course, it was in a bun.  So i have to wait, while everyone else is chomping down on fries, steak sandwiches and breast milk.  5 minutes later i get my food, it was delicious and i rarely miss the bun when i do that. The evening is spent playing with Sam, catching up, a little glass of wine and bed by midnight.

Stupidly though, after our 2 hour lunch with a Scotch coffee, i accept more coffee at 6pm and i couldn't sleep till 1am.  Then, as we are sleeping in a loft with sky lights over the kitchen/living room, i am awake with Sam at 5am and then 7.30 with the sun. I get up at 8.30 STARVING as we only had lunch, as late as it was. I got up and intended to eat a protein bar i had bought, but apparently i didn't read the ingredients too well as i looked again and it had oat flour in it. Thumbs down, guess i'm running on empty then. 

9.30 comes around and Brady is awake enough to come out running with me (he was up at 5am with Sam).  We did a brief walk to warm up and set off on our 3 miler.  He was a great pace man. We were running a touch faster than i normally do, he is speedy and it was certainly a slow run for him, but he was pushing me.  I could talk for the 1st mile then then my sentences got shorter and shorter.  Eventually to one word answers and in the last 3/4 of a mile - nothing.  He made me speed up to get through traffic lights a few times.  But that man can sprint on a whim, i maybe picked up my pace by 30 sec/mile!

All in all though, it was a great run (even with no sustenance).  Off the top of my head my splits were 9.45, 9.51, and 9.something for a total of just over 29minutes (because i didn't see it, i can't remember what he said).  I am THRILLED with that.  My legs could have gone lots further but my lungs were shot. I like that i know its my lungs, not my legs that are tired, but they do seem like the hard thing to workout. So that was my tempo run as that's my goal for the 5K in 3 weeks: 30 minutes.  Now i need to learn to push myself like he pushed me. I really liked having a pace man. I am definitely going to find running partners in the UK.

Brady is covering Sam puke on Bethany's boob - Classy.  ;)

We were all starving so headed out for breakfast at Moonshine.  Really nice place, great staff, when i ordered my breakfast (with no toast please...blah blah..) he said no problem, sure, i'll guard it, no worries. When it arrived, for the 3rd time in a row, it arrives with food i can't eat.   Toast stuck on top of it. I always get nervous that they just take it back in, take off the toast and re-serve it to me.  But i didn't get sick so...what can i say, it was tasty.  Back to the house for a little Olympic action and then drive home.  

We planned to go out to dinner with Jeff's Mum as she is going to be in Florida for the next 3 weeks and is only back the day we leave for Asia.  We went to Crawdaddys which has an actual GF menu.  How about that!  I ordered the jambalaya and you guessed it, when it arrived it had 2 pieces of bread stuck in to it.  I mean, come on. I know we were being slightly excessive eating out 4 times in a row, but really, don't any chefs read the tickets?  Thankfully, i assume that they have a big pot of jambalaya going it was quite quick to receive my new GF plate of food.  And boy was it tasty.  And it was big enough for two meals. It didn't even look like i had eaten any when she took it away to box it up.  Man, they are big portions.

This is a mega post, so i will add the snowboarding stuff tomorrow.

I'm now off to run a 5 miler.  1st time ever.  Nice and easy pace.  Last week i missed my mile total by 3 miles! Gotta keep on top of that, not to happy about it at all.

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