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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Felt the Urge... run, so screw rest day!

So it went down like this:
  • last night we went to a Sheepshead Marathon.
  • I didn't get much sleep about 6.5 hours.
  • I have this head fog and a frog in my throat, but i feel fine in my body and chest. 
  • Its lovely and sunny out and17F.  
  • So did a 2.67 mile jog. 
  • Very happy me  
Sheepshead has fast become my favourite card game. So simple in practice so many things to think about.  Given we were playing for 8+ hours, i though id be will be shelling out some spondoolies come home time.  We ended up 10c up. (me -13 him +15) Ooo moneys :) i told him not to spend it all at once.

And to report, i have two healthy boobs still.  February's self breast exam - two thumbs up!

And a side note: I needed a few more sports bras and went shopping to TJ Max - my favourite store.  There were few choices but i know i like champion bras and there were three, white, grey and hot pink.  Well if you know me, you know i don't wear pink. But i wanted two and there is no way i'm buying white, it just wouldn't stay that way. So i bought the hot pink one, used it today and i think it turned me on to pink (not baby, jut hot). I love it! I love it so much, that i'm going to show you!  

Healthy Hot Pink Boobs!!

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