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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snowboarding and my first 5 miler

4/10 but only because of the terrain park - which i used!  Or it would be a 1/10.

I was getting bored after 2 hours of the slopes. I almost decided to quit but it seemed like too much of a waste, 2 hours on the snow and an hour drive there and back.  But it really isn't much of a hill to keep the interest up. The steeper more challenging parts of the hill were too short and i couldn't link more then two turns, which isn't enough time for me to get a groove going. I fell a couple of times as i was getting the feel again but really i found it all too easy, and boring.  You see, repeating: 1 minute to descend, then 2 minutes to go up, one minute down, 2 minutes up etc.  2 hours can seem like a long time.  That is when i started thinking of the jump.

Then as i start to hook up my bindings at the top of the run i notice that i don't have a strap, the major one, that goes across the top of the foot.  So i had to go down the hill with no attachment. I had no control on my frontside and nearly fell.  But thankfully, even with no strap, i managed to descend the hill with out falling. You see, that is how easy it is!  Unbelievably i found the strap, screw and nut all just sitting right under the chair lift about 50 yards up the hill.  Thank goodness it was a quiet day on the hill.

I would turn the sound off, or lower it, the wind isn't fun to listen to, and i haven't worked out how to get rid of it.

So it was either go home or try the jump.  I had big balls that day and refused to waste the $20 on just 2 hours on the slopes - slopes being the perfect word. Certainly not a mountain!  See the movie i put together below. The hill really is nothing to talk about.  The second jump attenpt is on film.  The boys in the film were so sweet.  They were doing the same jump and always waited for me, egging me on, cheering. It was cool they hung out with me.  The 4 jumps took me about another 1.5 hours, with hanging out with the boys and watching them, so felt good leaving then.  And i got what i was looking for, an addrenalin rush.  And realised that is what i love about snowboarding, when you just have an awesome run, where you feel like your advancing.  I was not getting such a thing from the slopes.  But that jump - hell yeah, that WAS FUN FUN FUN!!!

Tuesday was my 5 miler.  I think that DM route planner - which is a google app, is not accurate.  I mapped it out and it said 4.92 miles but i ran it in 48 minutes so it can't be right - i most certainly didn't run a 9.45 pace.  I can't wait to get my Garmin.  The run was nice, i drove to the lake front and ran up and down Lincoln Memorial Drive.  There were only a few others out there.  I guess everyone else is wimpy in the winter, as in the summer it would have been busy, even in the week. i speed up for the last bit, and was really happy with the run till i saw that i probably didn't run 5 miles that i really wanted to.

Yesterday i did 40 minutes of strength training.  I used a magazine workout with weights, my ball and a lot of sweat.  I hurt today - the good pain :)  

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