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Saturday, February 6, 2010

15 degrees Fahrenheit and My Shades

Today I wanted to do a 'long run' and mapped out 3.5 miles (which in hind sight wasn't much longer than my Wednesday run).  Even though it was super cold, with the wind chill it was 15 degrees but it was sunny, and its mind over matter now isn't it?  So off i set with balaclava, my favourite white down body warmer, dual layer cold weather under armour and my ipod.  i also remembered my camera - yay. Even when the sun was not strong enough for shades, or it was behind me, the difference in temperature of my face was significant enough to want to, or rather need to keep them on.

It was a good run. I did 3.48 miles in 35.59 giving me a 10.38 pace.  So looking at the last few runs, it does seems that my comfortable running pace is between a 10 and 11 minute mile.  I totally want to decrease that number for the 5K.  I hope that adrenalin will help on race day but also the next month of working out training.  

I am about to change my schedule due to two things. I worked this one from a C25K (couch to 5K) schedule and i think that i was a bit fitter than the average couch potato, so under estimated how i would handle it all.  I am running 3 plus miles regularly now so i feel it needs adjusting. And the second reason is now i'm unemployed.  Don't get me wrong, i have plenty to do, leaving the country n'all (yeah, i just made that word up, it sounds right and it works for me, and probably you n'all!).  But also, i most certainly have time to do some cross training.  I'm going to make good use of my bike and my mother-in-law's swimming pool.

As before, the lake was frozen but i didn't want to properly stop and take photos as i was timing my run, and i know i could spend ages trying to get the right shot.  Photography being a hobby of mine, i will go back with my proper camera.  So i opted for slightly blurry photos.  Then i ran past this.  

I stopped, turned around and ran back to take this pic.  I just can't believe that they still have Christmas decorations outside on February 6th!  You know that by February 6th Mary and Joseph had found digs, they were no longer hangin' in the manger.  In the UK we're a bit superstitious and not as decoration happy as here.  Most folks have their decorations down by Jan 6th as that is the last day, the twelfth day of Christmas.  Then, barring birthdays there is no reason for decorations until Halloween (none that i can think of).  Then its still nothing like here.  Though in regards to Halloween, i appreciate the over-the-top-ness of America, you get some really cool stuff.

That reminds me of this years Halloween.  My favorite kid that came to the door, he was maybe 12-13 and in a banana suit.  Jeff's commentary of the costumes as they came to the door alerted me, so i grabbed a banana and offered it to him,as multiple hands rummage through the candy bowl.  He looked up and said "No thanks, that would be cannibalism now wouldn't it?"  rofl, pmsl, lol

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