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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bike Run Bike - 12 miles of joy :)

Yesterday i decided i wanted to run somewhere new.  So how does one do that? Cycle somewhere first of course.  So i took Oklahoma Ave out to the KK river parkway. I cycled 4 miles to get there, which took longer than i had hoped - i'm rusty on the bike, my glutes were burning up!  I then locked up my bike and ran the route below which is 3.5 miles than cycled home.  It was great to do all that. I loved how i was far from home and there was no way i could cut it short in anyway (not that i have intentionally done that).  It was a really nice area to run, a few gentle hills and no traffic, just me and the snow.
DM says i burned around 1000 calories. I may have to do this everyday as i'm not loosing any weight. I know they ay it takes a few months to really notice a difference though, but i'm impatient.  And i need to watch what i eat more, as always. I have been trying to portion control, but i have a big appetite now i'm working out. Ah the battle of the wills.

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