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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day Dinner

It was 3 years ago that i proposed to my husband.  Yes i did it on Valentines Day.  This was because i thought that was the only day i could take him out for a fancy meal to his favourite Milwaukee restaurant, in fact, Milwaukee's nicest restaurant; Sanford, with out letting on what i was going to do. 
I bought him a watch and had it engraved with 'Marry Me?' on the back.  I had to arrange my table and have the watch there, as it would never fit in my purse.  So all the staff knew, that was kinda weird.  My sister told me that i had to just 'get it out of the way', or i wouldn't enjoy my meal.  When i'm excited or nervous i can't eat. And you don't want to leave the food at Sanford on your plate, too nice and way too expensive not to finish.  
So that is what i did.   We ordered and got drinks.  I slipped my hand under the table and there it was, as planned, under a napkin, the boxed proposal.  I gave it to him, at the same time i sad some lovey dovey words and asked him to marry me.
I had it engraved for two reasons.  One, as a reminder for life, a token to keep.  And two, in case i got so nervous and couldn't speak, the watch could at least ask for me.  But on the night i wanted to actually say it. It was a little unnerving as the table next to us were quiet and i assume listening. I'm not that great with words and not that romantic so i doubt he [on the next table] was given any tips on how to make a marriage proposal.  No verbal treasures to write down from me. I was boring and safe, a resturant, on valentines day. you can't get more or a stereotypical proposal than that.
But in my defense. Food is his big love, Sanford it AMAZING and I PROPOSED! 
He said yes, of course. xxxx 

On a small side not, i didn't run yesterday, i looked after my poorly hubby and watched the Olympics all day.  Today i'm hitting the slopes of Sunburst WI.

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