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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bike ride AND a run - goodness!!

So today is my first 'its not Monday'.  In that, this is the first Monday where i am unemployed.  So far so good though.  I decided what with all the food I ate yesterday throughout the football, and i mean throughout; i don't think i stopped eating until 15 minutes after the game finished, that a good long cardio session was in order.  I had 20 minute speed circuits on the menu but i wanted to get my bike out and hit the roads.  I love cycling outside, as opposed to my insane hatred to both bike trainers and stationary bikes.  So i did an easy 6.5 miles.  I say easy as it was an easy pace, but felt hard in some spots. It was a mild interval session and it felt great to feel my glutes working.  

My plan was to get home and run this afternoon, doing it in 2 sessions as i really didn't think i could run after riding.  But i got my bike in the foyer and thought 'WTF, why not go out now?'  My muscles are warm (though i was getting cold) so i locked up and set out. I shortened the run i normally do but i only had 2miles planned for today as they were going to be speed circuits.  But i just ran it.  Though i didn't properly time myself, i left on the 45minute and stopped on the hour so with my non-digital watch it was pretty accurate at 15 minutes.  When i put the rout in to DM it said i did a 8.46 minute mile.  But i know that's wrong. There is no way! In hind sight, i wish i had ran more, i really wasn't spent.  That is my problem, i create limitations, i set a route and when i get home, i come in.  I think this will be solved when i get Sally (read on) because i can just run, it will clock it all, as long as i have a general idea so i'm not over doing it, it will provide freedom.  My limitations in to dust.

And yes you guessed it, i am a lucky girl i'm getting a Garmin Forerunner 305 for my birthday in March.  AND I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!  I have been spending a lot of time in putting my miles, time or pace in to websites and they aren't particularly accurate either.  And i have been doing it on several sites, as i find new ones, i test them out.  I like, mostly for its cute looks but also for the widget, and the easier more accurate mile/route tracker. But i noticed that you can sync the Nike+ system but nothing for the Garmin. I have an account but see no advantages over DM, and the mapping system isnt as good. I was first a member on but it doesn't appear to cater or entice you to use it as a social networking site too.  Which, now i just typed it, realize that i like that part of DM.

No one i know of is a runner per say, but then i found out Kerri does on her post-partum fitness drive. We're not close but we have befriended each other on Dailymile, so its like we are training together somehow.  And she plans to do the Blarney run with me if she is free.  I bet she will kick my ass though, she has been running and stuff way longer than me.  Good motivation, to see if i can keep up!

I was chuffed when she accepted the envite for DM.  Its nice to have supporters out there, people to pat me on the back so to speak.   So i'm waiting, until i get my Garmin, (already she has a name and its Sally.  I have no idea why, i just think a Sally could help me run). When i get her, i will see what is the easiest and nicest website to use.  Though i doubt i would drop DM as i have a flesh friend on there :)  With this blog i also hope to get a bit of inspiration, whether just by having a place to track where i have come from.  Some where to see the path i took to get to where ever it is i end up.  Or by followers comments.  So if i do have any followers, please do drop me a line of support, advice or even just to say hi!

Later that month/four post later.....i just discovered this bike run combo is called a Brick Workout. I like it!


  1. Oh my...that bike ride and run looks crazy in the snow! Even after living in WI and going to school in MN my whole life I'm such a wimp now that I've been in FL for almost 6 months. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 53ish and for a moment I started freaking out haha but then I realized that I can tough it up- even if everyone here will be wearing winter coats tomorrow

  2. Hi Libby. Thanks for popping in :) You know, about that cold, after realising i can sit through a game at Lambeau Field in the freezing cold and be happy, i had no excuse. SO now i really don't mind it. apart from my tongue freezes in the middle from the cold air. weird i can tell you. still loving this running thing. in a few month I'll be back in the UK where its pretty good running weather all the time. Rarely too hot or too cold, not compared to Florida or Wisconsin!
    Hope your hip is feeling better and you can get some miles in.
    Must turn on comment email notification. i haphazardly came across this comment.
    Take care.


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