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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three in the morning.

Nope, that was not what time i got up, that would be 6.50AM.  I missed the end of the Canada vs Sweden Curling by one end, i just couldn't keep my eyes open, but thats besides the point. I'm stoked Sweden won, i used to live there and it holds a special place in my heart. I love Swedes.

No, it was merely a reference to the 3 miles i ran this morning. To duplicate my post from DM " I ran my heart out. The there-and-back is straight but hilly; shallow long hills in both directions. It got to the point, on the return half way up the long hill, i've got my arms swinging like a marching band drummer on speed, i'm huffing and puffing hard; i have no breath left for that quick exhalation needed to do a farmers blow, therefore leaving me with snot and cold-wind tears running down both sides of my face. Pretty huh? Great run though - still the pace won't be accurate coz of the map. But it had to be close to a 10 minute mile. Finished up with some strength stuff."

Then: "Went through the basics, lunges, reverse lunges (1st for these, saw them in a magazine last month, then Kerri mentioned them so i thought why not?), a load of arm stuff. i like the: stand, flex hips to 45 and do triceps extensions a lot more than any other way, i had forgotten about it till today. scissors with the ball, ab crunches and calf raises. 

And Stretch...

Oh yeah, i finished with cold bath water running down my clave's for a few minutes, before and after i showered. I think it helped as i noticed a difference from one leg to the other before i did the right side."

So i wanted to see how much difference there was between the up and down hill within mile 2. Surprisingly little difference, but i did allow myself a 45 seconds stop-clock breather at the turn point. But the return is all up hill, a shallow one, but still a hill.

So i'm pleased.
I did good today.

I am now on a bit of a drive to loose weight, as i have actually put weight on. You see i wasn't concentrating on that in the hopes it would naturally fall of with the increase in exercise. But why should it be easy, huh? Also, a girl, any girl has a limited amount of motivation or will power, if you will. I didn't think i could concentrate and put forth enough effort to tackle and achieve two goals. So i put it all in to the exercise. Now that that comes easy, since my attitude has one-eightied and the will-power tank is full, i think i can tackle the weight. I have a good start because i am exercising already, now i need to look at what i consume and portion control. I have a good idea but...

Since working out i have gained 2lbs. I know that isn't a lot, and that is an average of many weigh-in's, but consider that with the last 82 miles i ran, 14 total hours worth of exercise, over 28 work outs, i have GAINED 2 freaking pounds!

I know its muscle weight, or at least i hope so, but it really irks me that i've gone up and i don't feel like i have lost any size, which i probably haven't. In fact, i noticed that my boots were tighter on my clave's. Thats just not cool dude! So, I can't just do these easy runs, as much as i enjoy them, and unfortunately it was an easy habit to slip in to. I know i have to do runs like today, hard runs, hills and speed work.  And i know i will enjoy them all more when i can run faster and further than i do now.

Oh i almost forgot.  When i got home I had a text from Bryan.  He said "Seeing you running made me buy only one doughnut instead of two. Thanks."

<3 it!


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