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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Good Dedication"

Yesterday a snow storm hit, not horrendous but it probably laid 6 inches around my neighbourhood.  It did mean that i didn't go swimming though. I wasn't going to drive 20 minutes in that crappy weather just to swim.  I would to shop, but not to swim!  So instead i called my sister, and we spent half the day on the phone. I'm not kidding, the longest phone call in my life.  3.5 hours of wicked sisterly conversation.  It was great to catch up. Then i spent another hour on the phone with my parents.  Soon enough, we'll be close enough that we won't need long phone calls. I cant wait!!

So today the paths had mostly been cleared. I decided that an out and back up Bayview's 'high street' KK (Kinnickinnic) would be the most likely streets to be cleared as most of it is businesses. Well that was mostly true but i did have to jump over a lot of ploughed piles, some as high at 2 feet.  There were several area of completely un-shovelled snow, but I ran through that too.  It was kind of like running through tires, hopping from side to side, stepping on other peoples footprints to make it a tad easier in the deep snow. 

Just as i was setting off as i passed a guy with my thumbs up indicating my appreciation of him shovelling my route, he said with a smile "good dedication" as i ran past.  That really gave me motivation. It was early on, really early but i thought about it several times when i was getting tired.  Also, i wanted to test my mental ability to override my body's moaning and wining that it wants to stop and rest.  So just after i had run though at least 50 meters of deep snow, when my lungs were as tired as my calves and all i wanted to do was stop, i pushed myself and said YOU CAN DO IT, MIND OVER MATTER, i could stop at the Allen Bradley Clock and not a moment before.  I was about 1/2 mile away, (but i had no idea, it's big building and looked closer).  Then more snow to run through, but I DID IT! i ran all the way.  20 minutes solid, then i stopped a for a minute and ran back, again without stopping.  It was a really good run.  Even though it was slow, but it was in the snow.  
Snow = Slow :)
Ran 3.39miles
Time 40.23
Pace: 11.56
25 Degrees F

I considered going out and buying a pair of YakTrax before my run.  And right as i got home, walking the last stretch for a cool down, i saw that someone in YakTrax had in fact been running down my street.  

I so want some now.  I read this review, and though there weren't many places where it was packed snow, it would have helped in those areas where folks are too lazy to do their civic duty and shovel.  So do I or don't I?

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