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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are we done yet?

Nope, still days in the month.  Though i seemed to forget yesterday!  Well, i had a lovely dinner party with the girls.  Food went down a treat.  Lisa even brought me a little gift as a thank you.  Our degree's last year is 1 full year in hospitals.  6 months in each discipline.  Lisa and I both did the same placements - coincidently - her a year after me.  Dundee and Sweden.  So we both spent summer in Sweden and were there over Easter.  Her thank you gift was a Swedish style Easter Egg.  I thought that very sweet.

And today Spring truly showed its face.  15C/59F and sunny all day.  I ran 5.15 miles in running skirt and shorts - no leggings and a t-shirt!  It was lovely.  I did my usual which is 3.7m normally but wanted to go a bit more to really enjoy the sun so tacked on the extra to stay out longer.  I did 3 miles of fartleks and the rest pushing it a bit.  Manages an average pace of 8.48 which is great.

Now, i need a cuppa tea.

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