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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just go on the ride and stop thinking about it!

Yesterday was a bit of a success failure mix.  I couldn't sew the top i wanted as i have lost the pattern i was going to use and going to buy one wasn't going to happen.  I got my machine out and did sew some running mittens however.  Also a head band with little ipod pocket so its neat and out of my way.  I'm really pleased with that.  The mittens are a semi success.  I wanted something that i could take off but not carry. My hands get cold for the first mile or so then they warm up a lot and gloves end up being too warm and get sweaty.  If i'm running long, my hands then get cold again, especially if the temp drops and my fingers start to hurt.  I asked for running/cycling gloves for Christmas and got some great ones, but they are too warm to run in.  So..... i sewed these mittens that i can slip my hand out of and fold under the wrist band that stays on my wrist.  Therefore i don't have to carry them, they are ready to be pulled back on at any moment.  They aren't exactly what i had planned, but function just fine.

As for cycling, i didn't go.  It wasn't until today, after i made the effort to go out for a ride that i realised why i was so fed up yesterday.  I didn't really do much yesterday. Mooched around the house, half contemplating going out for a ride but generally just killing time on the net, baking some muffins, sitting around.  I thought i was enjoying myself at times but in the background was the feeling of being fed up.

So today came, i got my bike out for the first time on the roads in AGES.  It was chilly so i used my head band, gloves and new bike wind breaker jacket.  I pumped up my tyres, loaded my saddle bag and changed my seat height up a notch.  I mapped out a route of 16 miles and headed out.  

Cursing myself for not putting my balaclava on, my face was so cold.  As my rosy cheeks acclimatised my hands started to get cold.  The gloves are good, but not that good.  Eventually my hands were okay again, once the warm blood got pumping through them again.  But then my feet started to feel the cold.  I haven't got round to putting my bike shoes and clips on* so was wearing my running trainers. That breath-ability we long for in running shoes just lets cold air stream in like i'm standing under a freezer fan when on a bike.  By half way through the ride they were painfully cold and my 3/4 i couldn't feel them any more.

Never the less, I really enjoyed my 16.71 miles.  The roads were fine, not too busy. I didn't have to stop for any traffic lights, in fact, i only went through one set - boy do i love living in the country! I was sweaty and burned 900+ calories and felt fantastic. 

Jeff and i then had lunch, i made a prandicle** and preceded to eat two portions. Cycling makes me hungry!  We then popped in to town to the market to grab some veg.  Popped in to the Halifax to inquire about a mortgage and had a lovely day.  It was in town, i had a little spring in my step.  It could have been the sun shinning in my face, my husbands hand in mine, but i really believe that a great deal was due to my bike ride.  I really do enjoy it when i have started the day with a good workout.  It gives me a high all day. There is nothing like it.

I'll do best to remember that i never regret a workout, only the ones i miss.
After every workout i feel good. 

*The shoes i have are not really mine, they are loaners from the bike shop that i got my bike from 9 months ago who still have yet to provide me with shoes and clips of my own, that i paid for.  He says he cound't get my size and was waiting for the 2011 line to come out(said this in June 2010).  I'm not complaining any more as the shoes he gave me are his race shoes and way more expensive than the ones i assume i will eventually get.  They are in really good condition and very light.  He is very forgetful, so i'm guessing he will only realise that i am still waiting for my shoes when he enters a race and can't find his stuff.  

Prandicle: small meal

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