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Monday, February 28, 2011

NaBloPoMo - March

Regarding my previous post, i'm still undecided, but in the mean time, i like NaBloPoMo's theme this month.

I signed up to National Blog Posting Month a few years ago (and still get the monthly email), and perhaps even once got through a few days of one.  I haven't tried since then.  The principal is you use their theme for the month and post every day relating to it.  I have never posted every day, but it has always been something i aspire to do, at least once.  Not a massive aspiration i know, very achievable you would think.  Well i'm going to give it a try.  It will take some planning at times, as i know i won't be able to get to a pc for a few of those days (hmmm, can i text in, i think so...).  I am also turning it in to International BloPoMo - Unsure why it would be National in the first place, given the nature of the internet *shrug*.

So tomorrow i will be posting for 31 days in succession.  Fingers crossed.  To keep with the theme, i really liked this site they recommended. Save the words. Perhaps i will use it everyday to grab a word and relate it to my training or life in general.  Same blog, with a little extra background theme.

Today though, a tapered long run. Thinking 8 miles.  My HM is on Sunday so don't want to over do it, but only got in 3.75 yesterday.

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