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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not so Lazy Sunday

Up too early this morning - 7am - due to falling asleep on the sofa at 10pm reading my new cycling magazine.  Still, it took me until 9:20 to get ready to go on my long run.  Jeff still not up either.

It was a cool morning but just right for tights, new running skirt (i have the preppy black and an aqua/green one - today was the aqua/greens premier run), a sleeveless then long sleeved cold weather top.  No rain predicted.  I used my Fuel belt with two bottle in it and a packet of chews.  I had my turn sheet to avoid any extra miles as this was already long enough.  12.2 miles mapped out.

Same as last week its mile 8 that i start feeling it in my calves.  But i kept a steady pace through out and managed to push it at the end again too.  I really like to finish strong and every run i do i pick up the pace at the end.  I'm really starting to get a good feel of what i can manage, how much i can push for how long.  It was about mile 9 that i started pushing harder.  This basically equates to me not becoming slower in the end, but that's just fine.  When i'm doing shorter distances i tend to up the pace for the second half and near the end really go for it, the last few minutes are often a sprint.

We just went to view a house and its lovely. I would put an offer in today!  We just need to find out if we could build a garage as unfortunately that is a must for his classic car.  I have a feeling we will miss out on this house because of that, so i'm not getting my hopes up.

Instead, i'm making more marmalade.  Today its light golden and thin shred.  The house smells delicious.

So, on to label designing.  And more house hunting on the net.

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