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Friday, February 4, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Did 30 boring tiresome frustrating minutes on the elliptical then started browsing cardio machines. They used to have one that simulates running, with no impact but it appears to have been removed.  I'd been craving that machine from 5 minutes in on the elliptical.  So i was kinda at a loss of what to do. I got on the stair stepper, and didn't even get to the quick start, then got on the gliding one. Managed 3.44 of that before i got off. Then i noticed folks going in to the spinning room and dashed downstairs to see if there were any spaces left. Yippee! yes there were.  I had time to choose a bike and get my arm weights done and a 5 minute warm up before class.  Really glad it was on as i expect i would have wandered around getting frustrated i couldn't fun and then, well hopefully gone for a swim.  But spin class is DISCO SPIN on a Friday night so was a little different and super busy.  So, i think i am just going to go to every spin class they hold next week!

2.  On Wednesday i left my earrings on the treadmill.  And can you believe it, someone nicked them!  Really, like, you want someone's earrings? Really?  They weren't anything special, little oblong hoops with tiny acorns, all patina'd silver, pretty cheap thank god, but i liked them a lot.  They were the second thing i have left at the gym and its not been handed in.  So from now on, i am taking off all my jewellery before i leave the house. Especially my watch. I always put it in my locker, but what if one day i forgot to lock that, it would be just my luck the opportunistic thieves that are at my gym would half inch it!

3. My husband is bribing me with my new shoes.  I'll let you use your imagination what he wants for them ;)

4. I have been convinced in to running a HM in March.  Its just up the road in Ellesmere, only £11 and why the hell not eh?  Well, under trained and a knee issue, but lets forget that.  Its on rolling hills, so i know i won't get a sub 2 hour. In fact i will be lucky to get close to my 2:10:44 for my last one.  That was all flat.  But it will be fun.  Leanne is running it, a girl from work, and i'd imagine that we will be about the same pace.  She did her first HM the same day i did mine, hers in England though and got a 2:05:??.  She hasn't been training that much for it so i think we will probably run it together.  That will be a very new experience for me. I'm not used to running with anyone at all.  In fact, i have only ever been on one run with someone, that was my bro about 6 months ago.

5. My BIB for the Virtual 10k I am doing on March 8th.  2 days after my HM in fact. I guess it will be my recovery run on the treadmill then.

Have a great weekend.  I'm making marmalade and friends are visiting on Sunday.

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