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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


That is how many calories i (supposedly) burnt off tonight.  I think i made up for last nights laziness. I did the hour spin class (880cal) then 15 minutes of running 9:14 pace 2.61K (193cal) then 15 minutes of hill intervals 2.61k at 9.14 pace (200cal).

I then came home and ate this.

Which is terrible healthy.  Miso soup with 1/3 red bell pepper, one celery stick, one pak choi, seaweed, rice noodles and a diced slice of tofu.  The bowl is really pretty large, and i didn't realize how many noodles i had added, along side everything else. I didn't think i was going to finish it, but 30 minutes later it was gone.  Now i'm a fast eater, souper fast eater in fact, so for anything to take 30 minutes for me to eat, it has to be big, and souper hot.

It was definitely both.  And guilt free too.

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