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Friday, January 28, 2011

Reviewing Goals

So i made these goals with no real time frame in mind.  But i was browsing my blog and thought that fresh ones would be nice.  That, and i have almost made the decision to loose some weight.  Like really try to loose weight. For this i really have to watch what i eat. And I. Don't. Diet!  But, I have proved that just exercise doesn't cut it.  I gained weight at Christmas and i was still running and such.   But that more to do with new goals than reviewing old ones.  Here is what i wrote in February 2010:

1. Make exercise a regular thing in my life.
2. Compete in a race, either running or cycling.
3. Loose some belly fat.
4. Cook more healthy meals.
5. Bake more. learn to make tasty gluten free breads and cake, and eat them in moderation.
6. Always, always take the steps.
7. Remember every little counts.

So, how did I do?

1.  Success in a MAJOR way.  Not a week has gone by without me doing something, not one. And i managed it in difficult circumstances - i.e. while travelling in really really hot-ass Asia for 10 weeks.
2. Success! I have run two 5Ks, two 10Ks and a Half Marathon. I love racing, this years list will be more extensive i hope.
3. I have done. I'm practically the same weight, but my belly is thinner fo sho'.
4. Mild success i'd say.  In general, i am using less butter.
5. But this is a success too, so i'm not sure if it counter acts number 4!  I have become muffin crazy.  In fact, i have told myself i can not bake more muffins until Jeff is here in Feb - simply to give me a date to aim for, and a helper to eat them instead of me eating them all!
6. Less relevant now, as work has no steps to choose not to go up. But in general, i still always do take the steps - like in malls and such.
7. Yes, i really do.  I knew that every little chocolate i ate at Christmas counted the the 3ish pounds i gained! And the reverse, walking to work, the 20 minute swim after the gym, it all counts to counter he occasional chocolate or fudge bar.

Go here to see my new goals

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