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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • Felt the burn of Spinning tonight - 3 weeks off will do that.
  • Used my Poolmate yesterday. Its sweet though i need to get used to the buttons.
  • I am totally protective of my pool space.  I hate a busy pool. Not having my own portion of a lane is horrible.  I'd rather not swim. Like tonight. I did 400m and got out.
  • Yesterday there was a girl who joined our lane (a guy doing front crawl too) and swam breast stroke up the middle. The cheek!  My lane mate also had a Poolmate - i think new too, and was kind enough to move over a lane to allow her to do slow ass breast stroke, she was lucky someone got out. The whole pool was doing BS and she chose the lane that the two of use were doing FC to join in to.  Clearly this bothers me!
  • I wore a skirt today at work, it was so nice to do. My job is much easier in trousers, i knee a lot, need to crouch and stuff, so typically wear trousers.  Skirt, boots and tights were a nice change.
  • I have my new PC working here now, its super sweet, it has windows 7 which take a bit of learning but i like it.  It is the quietest computer i have ever known. I don't know its on and i'm sat right next to it - 
Shuush, do you hear that?  No? Well you wouldn't!

  • I'm home alone again. hubby is back in America. There is only one advantage to this. I don't have to listen to his jet engine loud computer droning in the background.
  • Well that and i really never miss a work out, there is nothing to stay home for.
  • I have got the unpacking to a point where i can actually sort things out.  I tidied the storage closet last night. Made it much more functional. 
  • I filled a huge box with clothes and shoes for charity.  Pleased with my ruthlessness - especially in the shoe department.
  • Okay, i need to write some thank you notes. Ciao xx

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