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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is There Any Point?

I have my new computer at last. I had been hankering for a new one for a while, my old one being so sloooow.  I love that my hubby considers computers as necessities, so i don’t have to wait for it to be a birthday gift or the like.  He bought me it months ago in the States and it was shipped over.  Its at least a year in the waiting, we were putting the purchase off till we were moving.

So i plug it in and BANG PUFF it blows up! Oops! Yes, it seems that i had forgotten to switch the Voltage to UK, as it had being bought in the USA.  In all honesty, i didn’t even turn it on, i simply flipped the wall switch that allows power to travel to the computer (you don’t have those on USA wall plates) so i didn’t think i would need to flip the switch until i was going to power the actual computer on. Shows how much i know about electricity and electrical goods.

So,  i purchase a new power brick thing for inside the pc, at a hefty price of 35 quid!  And now have it all working.  I installed that myself too, i may add.  Its a beautifully quiet pc. I don’t real know its on and i sit literally right next to it –  as you tend to do with pc’s i know, but its at ear height with no obstruction either.
I have never used any Windows online products, live messenger and the like, but its set to pop up when the pc is turned on.  So annoying, so i went to uninstall it all.  As i was uninstalling it it asked me about Windows live writer, do i really want to uninstall it?  It made me think, do I?

I’m a blogger user (obviously) but sometimes it bugs me when adding photos and stuff, so thought i would give Windows Live Writer a chance.  So this, unintentionally long and involved blog, nothing to do with Trainers or my bike, is the test post to see what i think. Is there any point in changing?

So to maintain the theme of being totally unrelated to trainers or a bike or in fact healthiness in any respect. For the photo test, i will use food photos, my baking.

IMG_0001 (2) IMG_0001 (4) IMG_0003
SO far so bloody good!!  Loving all the things you can do with photos. Kudos Windows!
I can’t seem to title individual photos, but maybe i just haven’t found that yet.  But  the sequence above is when i stayed in the capsule hotel in Tokyo.  They do actually provide lockers for your bags, but i thought that given the price of the locker and the fact that you get no other secure place, you would be able to open and close the locker at will. But no, so i paid about 6 quid for 30 minutes, and annoyingly i was sitting round the corner from it the whole time.  So i decided to just leave it in my tube. It didn’t really bother me when i slept.  And the hotel doesn’t cater to many women, so i felt confident that it would be ok in the tube in the daytime, i just pulled the blind down over it.  Those are the pj’s they give you to wear, and i even used the communal showers and bath – though again, not many women, so i communed with only myself.  It was a really cool experience. I love sleeping in cozy spaces, and this was a high tech cozy space – very me.  I like sleeping in tents for the same reason, though quite the opposite: low tech.

Okay, so i’m convinced.  There is a point. Yes!

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