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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cream Crackered

After a lazy weekend with regards to exercise – i only ran 3.8 miles on Saturday, it was about time to get to the gym and work hard.  I did work hard all weekend but in a different maner.  I busted ass on my house and its finally looking respectable, homely and not like a cardboard recycling plant.  I actually barely sat down all weekend, even in to the evening. I was unpacking pictures at 11.30 at night.  It was like i had ants in my pants. But worth the effort i can tell you.


Banana coconut muffins

I have been battling with this a bit.  Working out or setting up house.  I’m the kinda girl that likes the house neat, tidy, homely and cosy. I prefer it with a husband in it, but if i can’t have that, then i at least want my pictures hung up and books on shelves.  I told myself as i was on my run, that if i only ran the short loop (3.8miles) then i would go for a swim later on in the day.  But i got carried away with the house. I did put my swim stuff in the car planning on going on the way back from Wrexham, where i was going to B+Q and Tesco’s.  But it was 6pm by my return trip, i was getting hungry and wanted to cook a nice dinner so it just didn’t happen. 


Sardines, leafy greens with avocado in

French style dressing and pan-fried pak choi

Sunday i thought that if i don’t get dressed properly; as dressing often hinders me wanting to workout for some reason, don’t ask as i can’t tell you why, then i would stand a better chance of going swimming.  So i just pulled on jogger bottoms and a zipped hoodie over my pjs, not even a bra.  But again, i got so involved with sorting the house, baking muffins and cooking a delicious lunch i just didn't get there.  I couldn’t pull myself away from what i was doing. Getting ready for bed was easy!


Mackerel Thai Curry from River Cottage Every Day – Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall

So i had to change my attitude a bit.  I have to say, that if i am enjoying what i am doing, or if what i am doing will make me happy, then its ok to miss an occasional workout.  The pleasure i get from walking in to a clean tidy sweet little home is immeasurable.  Having the time to cook a lovely lunch and dinner was superb – as were both meals.  It is worth the cost of a skipped work out.


And tonight, i totally made up for it.  The spin class was brutal. I really like the instructors style.  It was the first time I've had him and i like it!  Then i went straight to a run.  I still haven't memorised the km rather than miles pace so put it on 11 thinking that was 9:?? pace; and a 1% incline.  It was hard at first and i thought it would get better, once my wobbly legs went away, but it didn’t. In fact it got worse.  I wanted to slow down or reduce that slight incline from 2 minutes in.  It was hard. But i was determined to prove that its all mind over matter.  I battled my will for 18 more minutes and won.  And did so in style. The last minute, even though i had been puffing and panting the whole way through, i increased the speed to 12. It was a bloody tough work out but i was super pleased with myself. My mind won.  Then i find out 11 is actually 8:50 pace – bloody yee-haa, that's fast for me!!


House photos to come soon. xx

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