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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Hip Thing.

I am still waiting on the radiologist report and the consultant appointment to discuss the results, but i think i have made a decision.  And that would be to not have surgery.  I was so excited at the prospect of eliminating the pain for good, my vision was blurred with a life of pain free driving.  But in the cold hard light of day, the risks of the surgery are quite great.

Arthrogram.  They inject anesthesia and contrast in to your joint cavity.  This is it happening to me.  So cool.
It's not an easy surgery and the fact that only one surgeon in one of the best orthopaedic hospitals in the UK does it, gives you an idea of its specialism.  I haven't yet found out how many surgery of this type he has done, that i would do before going ahead  It's a relatively new procedure.  The risk comes from then dislocating your hip and putting it under traction.  You can trap and/or stretch nerves causing damage and also arteries and veins.   You could loose function or sensation.  These could be temporary or permanent Those on top of the every day risks of surgery. Infection, allergic reaction to anaesthesia, you know, the usual suspects.

So i had to decide, if the potential for any of those things, is worse than the pain i get when driving.  It seems it is not.  I can not stand the idea that i will have to spend a life time of taking pain pills to drive anywhere of length, but lets face it, there are a lot of folks whose pain is a daily thing, who take pain meds all the time.  I have an aversion to pain meds and treatment in general.  I have never been one to take a paracetamol if i get a head ache. I don't even use plasters (band-aides) when i have a cut - unless it really needs it.

The contrast injected makes the MRI more successful. 
I got dumped by my American GP because i wouldn't go for his annual check up (i would have had to pay for it all due to my insurance policy)  I wrote him a letter telling him i was healthy, exercised 4 times a week, am aware that my range of motion in my joints was fine as i am medical staff (one of the listed tests!), that i had my follow up with my GI doc (for my coeliac) and i was doing fine.  That i had my life insurance medical and that it came back i was A* healthy - the top category.  He didn't care, he wanted to do tests, take blood, make money off me.  He wouldn't give my vaccines for work if i didn't do the annual check up. I complained to the ones up high and promptly got a letter from his surgery dumping me from his 'care'. Good riddance.

So, the most awesome thing about this decision is that i can continue training with gusto and enter some more triathlons this year.  Also, i want to do a half marathon and another couple 10Ks.  And, we can start to make babies when we planned.  Yippee.

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