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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little bit of sore...

.. is a good thing.  Monday i took thie night off to watch football. My team, the Green Bay Packers are now in the Superbowl. I can't tell you how excited i got watching it - on my own - i bet i was the only house on my street screaming with joy on monday night.  Oh what a wonderful feeling.

Tuesday i went to the spin class. Got there in plenty of time this time, then find out they have changed the times and its at 6:30 not 6pm.  I was a bit pissed off as its an hour class and i wanted to work hard.  I didn't think if i ran i would do as well in the class.  I got on the TM but decided no as soon as it started moving.  I ended up rowing for 10 minutes = 1850m then did upper body weights and got on my bike for 5 minutes before class started.  The hour class flew by just like the 45 minute one.  I must go to it more often. Over all, a great work out.

I semi planned going to the gym on Wednesday, but something stopped me, not sure, i wasn't motivated and it didn't even bother me. But i planned an early night so i could go swimming before work this morning.  I got there 5 minutes after it opened, had my cozzy on already, got my hat on and floats in hand hoping to get a lane with no problems.  Not so, it was busy already!  I joined a guy who said he was just doing drills, perfect, as so was i.  As i was getting in, to share the lane, a girl swam in to the middle and started doing breast stroke. I think its the same damn girl as before.  She is haunting me.  Again, so many lanes where folks are doing BS and she chooses this one.  Grr

So i thought with all my swimming paraphernalia that i would feel like a bit of an idiot.  Flippers, pull bouy and float, a bottle of water, its quite the pool side gear pile.  Well, i was happy to see that there were 2 other folks with stuff too.  The guy in my lane and one who turned up just a bit too late to grab a lane, and so courteously went in the jacuzzi for a while.  Folks left at 7am and it got quiet again.  I must remember that.  But that does then leave me less time to swim if i go later, think i'll just deal.

And tonight i went to the gym too.  I wanted to run and set the TM for a hill programme of 45 minutes.  A gradual incline then 4% for 25 minutes. Now that hurt.  But i didn't slow or reduce the incline. It was an exercise of the mind too tonight.  I then did the same upper body weights routine at Tuesday. All in all, a kick ass work out day.  For only 2 days on my DM account its 3.5 hours of exercise.

And tonight, i gave myself a mini facial, don't want to face to think i only care about my body.

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