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Monday, March 29, 2010

Working out in 100 degrees

I have a problem, i have to make a decision and i'm terrible at making them.  What do i want most, to become a triathlete/runner or take up Thai Boxing?  As I thought, it was a hella lota fun.  And a great workout.  I have been interested in it for a long time, even considering signing up for the Duke Rufus academy in Milwaukee, but at the time i didn't want the commitment and price tag associated with it.  But now i have done it, if only for 1:30 hours i could be hooked.

The gym.
I arrived promptly at 4pm and was already sweating, it was only a 2 minute walk but it was 95deg F and felt like 103!!  Bloody hell what was i thinking?  A guy gave me a jump rope and off i went, i haven't used one since i was a kid really.  I started out fast and when i stopped to wipe my brow the guy said "10 minutes" with a smile.  Okay, so i need to slow down then, i was maybe one minute in.  I surprised myself maintaining a decent pace for the ten minutes and then i was instructed to jump on a huge tire and punch the air for 3 minutes.  Then we stretched and i was thankful for the break. I had only done the warm up!

Take that!
My hands were wrapped and i started to feel excited, and like a boxer, and a little nervous. Will i understand the instructions, will i manage the coordination necessary?  I have a past ridden with embarrassing moments in aerobics classes as i don't pick up combination's of moves that fast.  I climbed in to the ring with the instructor and he started showing me the moves.  I wasn't sure if he wanted me to actually make contact when kicking and kneeing him, like with the punches, not that i would have hurt him and his 'rock hard abs'. So i just made sure to make contact.

Once i had the moves down we went through some sequences, he did say 'Perfect' quite a few times and i recognized when i did a move well.  Every move involves your whole body.  A punch isn't just a punch, its a step punch block and twist.  A kick is also a whole sequence of moves, each thing either protecting you or creating power.  I like that it really takes concentration but as i said, i'm not great at combos so i often started with the wrong foot or hand.

After about an hour, i changed instructors and was now kicking and punching a bag. This was fun-ish but hurt when i started elbowing it.  And as the bag swings, i often missed it. Thankfully the bag work was only a small portion of the session.  He then put on a belt so i could knee and kick him. This was super fun. I really could put power behind each kick and he went through lots of sequences; punch upper cut, knee, hook, punch kick etc.  Awesome!

We ended with sit up's including punching the bottom of the bag on each rise with both hands, he stood on my feet to make it easier and i was surprised he stopped me before i was tired.  But we went again for two more sets. By the end i was completely soaked, shattered and elated.And have two blisters on the bottom of my big toes.  Twisting on carpet with baby soft feet and that's what you get. Totally worth it though.

So now i'm torn.  This was so much fun.  More fun than running is, as much as i have started to love running.  Not that i'd have to give up running to do Muay Thai but i couldn't train to be a triathlete and do it.  So i guess i will make my decision when i find out where i will live and if there is a decent place to train.

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