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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who knew? Not me!

When i used to see runners running, i just imagined that they just ran. Ran a the same speed, what i assumed was comfortable but fast.  They always looked comfortable, compared to my face while trying to run.  I had absolutely no idea that there were so many types of runs.  And that most runners actually mix it up and do these runs.
Thank god for the Internet of i would have never known that just running moderate pace all the time is not really a good thing to do.  I do understand the need for interval training, but i thought that would come from hills.

Starting running is like starting to learn a new subject at school.  When i started my orthotics and prosthetics degree there was a whole new vocabulary i had to learn.  From every muscle and bone and tendon in the body to diseases, injuries and devices.  Even if i knew the words or muscles, i had to look at them a different way, and know a whole lot more about them.

Running is much the same.   Lots of words i am familiar with but no clue of their meaning in running terms.  From tempo, farklets and recovery runs, to pace, taper and brick.  

I am happy to report that i now feel pretty confident with running vocabulary and feel i know enough to bore some folks and to leave others baffled, like i was at first.  It was a pretty easy learning curve mind, nothing like 4 years of University.

Now I need to learn the biking and swimming lingo, as i don't think Brick is going to get me very far.  I'm looking forward to subscribing to Triathletes World once in the UK.  They don't have an equivalent US version and it cost a staggering $9.80 to buy the UK magazine over here. Yeah, i'll just wait!

Now i'm off to swim.  Want to try out a few things i have learnt from  my new website addiction.


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