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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Live Aide: Run for Water

I have been humming and haa'ing over whether or not to participate in this for a while now and i finally decided i did care enough to do it.  And even try to get sponsors.

As i try to hydrate myself through out the day, i stand up, go to the fridge and pour some water.  With the increase in exercise i am doing, training for this 6K and other running events, my water needs increase.  So i go to the fridge more often.  Its rarely more than 30 feet away from me.

So consider this:

'African women and children walk an average of six kilometres every day just to secure safe drinking water for themselves and their families.'

Can you imagine having to trek 6K (that's 3.7 miles!) just for water?  And consider how heavy it is on that return journey.

'The Dow Live Earth Run for Water seeks to leverage the power of entertainment to ignite a global movement aimed at solving the most critical environmental issues of our time.'

I can not participate in an actual organised event, but i am taking my running gear with me as i backpack Asia and on April 18th, regardless of where i am, I am going to run the 6K.

It will be hot an sweaty and hard, I'm guessing we will be in Vietnam by this point.
But, at least i get to drink endless amounts of water at the end. And I only have to do it once.  Not every. single. day.

Hopefully i will raise some money while I do it, and at the least some awareness.

You can sponsor me here or even join me running and we can make a group sponsorship page. Just let me know.

I will donate 50cents per person who leaves a comment on this post.
I will also donate 50 cents for anyone who reposts this to their blog. Leave an additional comment with link please.

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