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Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I haven't run since Monday and i am not going to today.  AND IT SUCKS!!  So i set off on monday and as noted i was feeling twinges on my right medial calcaneus, which made me hobble about for a bit.  As well as having to navigate over snow and ice patches.  Eventually it stopped twinging and i ran my 3ish miles.  Later that day my left side starts hurting and its right on the Achilles tendon.  I'm worried.  I iced it, it felt better.  

The next day, it was the same, i iced it and tried not to over stretch it apart from some slow mini stretches to see how it would feel.  It actually felt okay. It wasn't real pain, not the burning that i read about, but i can feel it just niggling.  I am scared its Achilles tendonitis, I am aware how long tendons take to heal and wanted to nip it in the bud right away if it is.  

Yesterday i did some Wii fit. I tried to avoid any jumping stuff, but it was hard. It wasn't painful, again, i could just feel it.  After that 30 minue workout - which was 15 minutes of core stuff anyway, i could feel it more. I iced it again.  

Last night, i was limping when i was out to dinner, my work leaving do, so i iced it again when i got home.  The problem is that i am self diagnosing as i don't have health insurance any longer and i'm not entirely sure what is going on.  I am scared its Achilles tendonitis but it could be a sprain too.  I tried to palpate and do the test for the Achilles tendonitis but it doesn't hurt, unless i grab further round in to my muscles.  Obviously i'm no doctor, as much as i know anatomy and understand the body, i don't know how to palpate appropriately to diagnose.  So i'm just talking an educated guess.

After looking at the miles i've done in week totals, i definitely didn't abide by the 10% rule. In the last week i ran a long 5miles(tue), then did hills(thur) then did tempo(sat) then an easy 3(sun) then the random 3(mon) where i hurt at the beginning.  So maybe that was too much?  Or was it that i was running funny for a little bit on Monday and i pulled something? Grrr. 

Today i haven't really walked any, but i feel it a little bit. I am going to go swimming today and keep all fingers crossed that i can run tomorrow. Its my birthday and I'm getting a Garmin, and i REALLY want to run tomorrow with it.  I also just really want to run, which is still a little weird to me.  The one thing this has brought though, is that i am going to be super careful with mileage increases, increases in training in general, not be so aggressive with hills and speed all at once.  And to make sure i have a really good stretching routine, especially because i wear heels a LOT.

So keep your fingers crossed i feel better tomorrow.

I did have a lovely evening with my old work colleagues last night. It was super they showed up to send me off, with a lovely bunch of flowers and well wishes for my future and travels.  They really are a great bunch of people who i will miss greatly.  

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