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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cha-Am Sunrise Run

The last time I ran was in KL 6 days ago so I needed to get some miles in asap. Yesterday was spent on a bus from Phuket to Cha-Am, ten hours north. We had a long, early start day, eating only fruit and yogurt so when we arrived we headed right out to dinner. We ended up eating in a place that was having a private function and were playing games and singing karaoke on an extremely loud speaker system. We could barely hear each other but a meal with few words is ok when you are spending 2 months living in each others pockets. After dinner we had a quick drink in the bar across the street and played some pass the pigs. Jeff is reining champion with 2 out of 3 wins.

We then had a pretty early night which is just what I needed to get me up before the sun to run. I took my little camera in hopes of a stunning sun rise. It was pretty but nothing amazing. I was, but really shouldn't be surprised at how busy it was, even before the sun was up. At 6am. By 6.30 it was a bustling street of vendors, sweepers, shoppers and locals going about their day.

I really need to start getting up early to run. It's totally bearable heat at that time, not that I would choose it over sub zero temps, and really interesting to see the locals all doing their thing. Though I have just convinced jeff to getting up earlier and then perhaps taking a siesta in the mid day heat, he still wouldn't get up before sunrise.

We are staying right in the beach and currently I'm sitting on our balcony where I can see the sea. It's just 100m away. Folks are so polite and smiley here, one of the ladies I ran past who was sweeping, with a hat and scarf over her face to protect her from the dust she creates, gave me the biggest smile so far and all I could see were her eyes. She warmed my heart with that smile a gave me a little spring in my step.

The run started off fast as usual but I quickly slowed when that drip of sweat reminded me i can't run a 9:30 mile in heat and humidity. I was soon soaked and so very thankful for the Sweaty Betty wrist sweat bands my sister bought me, they really are eye savers.

I ran all the way to the end of the beach which was just over 1.5 miles. I really wanted to try for 4 miles so did the turn around and decided to just run past the road our Happy Inn is located and double back once more. When i hit 3.8 miles I turned around and at 4 walked to cool down. Well that walk was longer than expected as I got lost. Lost in the sense that all the side streets look the same, I had marked our place in my head with 'between the 7 elevens' and really I should have known better by now. There are more 7 elevens in Thailand than there are Starbucks in the States. They are often no more than 50m away from each other, just like Starbucks. Convenient yes, but use them as map reference points and you're screwed. 

After a good ten minute walk I hopped in to the 'foreign help booth' conveniently located exactly where I was getting frustrated, and got directions. I was 200m north or three 7 elevens away from my street. It was a good cool down but I ran home as by that point I was so very thirsty. Back inside I downed a bottle of water without stopping. 4 miles in 44:08.
My man is still sleeping so the balcony seemed like a good place to be. He's got 5 mins then I'm off in for a shower. We are renting a moped today to check out the place. It's not a usual foreign tourist spot, more Thais come here on weekends to party but in the week it's quiet and tranquil. Or as tranquil as it can be with moped engines and bicycle bells a-ringing. 

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