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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trying trying to work off the food.

I managed to get out for one more run in Chiang Rai, on Sunday morning, a there and back up a not so interesting or pretty road.  It was good run as i was nice and consistent. I ran 4.27 miles in 40:51 
Here are the splits: 9:26, 9:36, 9:34 ,9:34, 2:40
Loving the consistency!

Tuesday, here in Chiang Mai i went out for a run to a park. Lonely planet called it a well maintained running track in a park. Well, not so much. It was a path, reasonably maintained around a tiny park.   I decided to do some speed work. It was 1.5 miles to get there and the "track" was maybe 1/4 mile.  I really haven't done much speed work and really don't understand how to pace myself yet.  I will call it interval training but i think i pushed it too hard really and couldn't maintain it so well, it was quite humid and getting to what i consider hot, as opposed to warm.  I also did some squats, lunges, push up and triceps dips. then ran home. A total of 4.2 miles.
Enjoying the spicy papaya salad.
 We did a cooking class today. And really didn't need to eat breakfast before hand - oops.  We cooked 6 courses.  I started with stir fry chicken and cashew, then sour prawn soup, on to papaya salad then green curry where we made the paste first.  Then sticky rice and mango.  I love Thai food and today was really enjoyable.  I didn't realize that i was so good as cutting up food.  I was finished ages before anyone each time, and two different teachers asked me if i cooked a lot.  I mean i do, but who knew that cutting up food was so hard for some, its such a basic skill.  
Green Chicken Curry
 So, anyway I ate a lot today, even though i didn't finish every course.  Back at our home away from home i fancied cooling off in the pool, its a short pool but when i was in i decided to exercise. I did 15 minutes of knee ups, kicks and other moving type things. Then got bored.  I may try for one more run tomorrow, nice and early, closer to 6 than 7 as there seems to be a significant temperature difference in that hour.
Sour prawn soup.

On a side note, i have been reading more on triathlons and am totally excited to start training for them.  No Muay Thai Boxing for me, i want pool, bike and road time.  With a bit of trail running too me thinks.

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