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Saturday, July 24, 2010


I just can't decide on a training plan for my half marathon.  there are just too many theories.  I set myself a plan for my first 5K and completely failed to stick to it. The closest i came was to mostly stick to the off days as i know i shouldn't start off too fast. But this HM is a whole different ball game.

My basic plan, and if i don't find a better option i will probably stick to this, is to do a speed work, hill work, easy run and long run per week. I just looked at a plan Runner World calculated for me using my 5K race pace and it has runs of 2 miles at 11.07 pace. That just doesn't seem worth lacing up my shoes for. It's slower than my easy pace, and only two miles! what will i get out of that.  And those runs are still in the plan in the later weeks.

But it does alternate speed and tempo runs each week, so maybe i need to do the tempo runs, they seem valuable. I like the idea. 5 miles inc warm up with 2 miles at race pace, then they get longer through the programme.  And i know we get stronger while we rest so perhaps only one hills workout every fortnight, alternating it with an additional easy run.

I have enjoyed the last week, where i have set out with a plan, so i don't understand why i can't stick to a programme, it must be that i haven't found one i like.  Well, with boredom kicking in, in this jobless world i live in, i may tackle a training plan tonight.

Yesterday i did a nice easy run, though at one point hit some uphills and then immediately a set of 40 ish steps with another hill at the top. I was thankful that i didn't do my long run, i could feel Thursday's hill workout in my calves still.  Today i had a very gentle, very short, bike ride and a very short 5 minute run. Tomorrow i'm going long. 6 miles on the calender.

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