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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Left right left breathe, right left right breathe.

I went swimming tonight after watching several videos on how to have proper form.  I tried to implement it all and i was somewhat successful.  I felt i was faster gliding through the water and that i was getting tired a bit quicker but in a good way as it was in my shoulders.  I could feel that i was stretching out more - elongating my upper body and arm length and doing the proper S shape with my hand/arms.

Now to just practice practice practice.

Yesterday i did 30 minutes of cardio and was all set to do a 30 minute swim, but i had forgotten my goggles, so i just went home.  Monday i had done 20 minutes of upper body weights and a 45 minute spinning class.  I will no doubt get in 6 days of exercise this week, giving myself Saturday off to go shopping with the girls from work.  I'm really looking forward to that, to getting to know them a bit better.  Maybe i'll make a friend.

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