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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aspiring to Negative Splits

I tried to have negative splits on my 10K the other week but with the excitement of the race i started out way too fast. First mile was 9:10.  Thankfully it didn't stop me from pushing it at the end, though i have to consider how much better i could have been if i hadn't gone out too fast.  The second lap of the race not one person passed me, i passed plenty and that is a really good feeling.  I looked at the race results and i came in 93rd of 153 females. The first female was about 20 mins faster and the last female 20 minutes slower.  So i'm pretty much middle of the pack, and in all honesty, i'm pretty pleased with that.
My splits out of interest were 9:10, 10:10, 10:14, 9:33, 9:48, 9:35 the last bit at 8:43pace Avg pace 9:36

So, today as per usual i set out with no plan.  This only seems to occur me about 4 minutes in, when i think 'What is my goal today?'  I have been running a regular route for my short 3 milers which is up Olivers Mount. I like it as it involves lots of hills, there is barely any flat in it. But have also been enjoying just running around Scarborough, my home town, seeing it in a different light, through runners eyes.

Elevation chart for Olivers Mount

So today i fancied a change and ran a completely new route, out to Newby.  Its not an area i know well, in fact, just that its the way to the Hospital. I set out easy and again, thought, whats my goal today? Speed, distance? i realised i hadn't done a longer run recently and decided on running 5 and to try to get negative splits, preferably without looking at Sally every 5 meters! It took a bit of concentration but i did it.  I put my race head on in the second half and pushed it all the way till the end.  The very last 200m is up hill and i really wanted to keep the pace up.
Result = Awesomeness.

9:58, 9:37, 9:27, 9:10, 8:42
5.2mils 47:07 Avg pace 9.03

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