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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

small steps

partial success report. i did go to the pool while staying at the hotel. i went on boxing day morning. i trotted down in pjs and popped in to the loo to don my bikini. on to the pool, only to find it was closed for another 10 minutes. given the christmas season, i thought i could get a little christmas cheer from the receptionist and asked if she could open it up ten minutes early. "oh it will open automatically at 9am". so thats a no then...? i dont get it, the gym opens at 5am, why do i have to wait for the pool till 9? also, can't you just open it for it really that disobedient?

i didn't want to go back to the room for i would wake the better half, so i sat in the breakfast area watching the news. filled with shot dead security guards, fallen bridges in india, and oh yeah, accused airplane terrorists from nigeria. so im not that happy about having to watch it, even if good to be aware of. 9 am rolls on and the pool door still doesn't open. *shrug* so i walked bare foot on the treadmill for 2 minutes. tried the pool again, this time its now 9.04 i'e been down here for 16 minutes and damn it i want to swim! again i asked the receptionist "oh its not open?" no! "oh, okay, i will over ride it." omg why could you not have done that like 15 minutes ago?!! so i took a 15 minute swim. totally admitting t o the fact that i really didn't push myself, i swam pretty much none stop for 15 doing breast stroke. but the pool was only maybe 15 feet long so i swam diagonally to get about 8 strokes each length. yes, a pathetic pool. but i got in it. on boxing day. and swam for 15 minutes. pat on the back. small steps.

but my plan to join the gym was burned by the enrollment fee and i didn't manage to get a deal for the $20 key card for the door. its a 24 hr club and is unmanned for a lot of time. so that, and the 19.50 for the enrollment; i got half price. and 40 bucks a month. so i pay for 3 months use for the price of 4. i can't be sure i would get 40 bucks worth of use in a month never mind 50. now it seems unreasonable. i'd rather buy a purse. i did. but i'm working on a plan now i've talked myself out of the snap membership. get back on track. small steps.

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