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Friday, August 6, 2010

Running in Company

Last night i joined the Scarborough Athletic Club for a run. It was really good fun. I didn't know what to expect just that it would be about an hour. James, a family friend who invited me picked me up and introduced me to a few people when we arrived.  I have no idea why but i said we've know each other since we were kids when we used to do plays together (Christmas gatherings and big sisters who would insist on our performance, as dire as it was).  Well you should have seen his face turn beetroot. It immediately got twisted to us swapping clothes and was announced to the whole of the club, about 20 people.  Quite hilarious, at least for me and the others, probably less so for James.

The run was off road intervals where we would stop and meet after 3-5 minutes running, at the end of the field or road junction or the like. The fastest of the bunch would double back and run to the last people and then come back, giving them longer running and short breaks.  I really enjoyed myself, it was nice running with others, the interval approach wasn't what i was expecting but kept up nicely and pushed it hard on some parts, eased off on others.  I plan to go on Monday and Thursday next week then decide if i want to join for real.  I probably will.  I get the discount on my race entries and i enjoyed having company for a change.

So with this may come a different training plan. I'm supposed to rest/XT on Mondays and i would have done a long run on Sunday, so i may change my long to Saturdays giving me a day off after, either that or take Mondays interval run easy. We will see...

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