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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Already. Only one more sleep - crazy!

Its come around so fast. Tomorrow we will be laughing, eating, opening gifts and playing games. Yipppeeeee!!
Its going to be a very merry Christmas and i can not wait.  Its been a few years since i was home in Scarborough for the festive season and i missed it each year. We leave today at 2pm.  The roads are supposed to not be too bad.  Jeff is packing the car - though i know i could do it better. I have the Driver packing gene (Driver being my maiden name) which i got from my Dad.  Alison also acquired this gene and i hope to pass it on to my future children as it is super useful.  I remember one Easter going to visit my Aunt and family in Exeter. 5 of us in the car, a Renault sedan and as the luggage, boxes and bags filled the house it felt like a Mary Poppings car.  The whole kitchen floor was full of stuff, spilling in to the hall. I was amazed. Still am.
Anyway, i hope that my things will not be crushed and that nothing will have been forgotten. I will do the once over in the house to make sure, fill the flask of hot coffee, defrost the windscreen and off we will go. Eeeeeeee!!!!
I will be sure to drive safe and hopefully my MIL won't have white knuckles!

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