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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Training plan

Okay, so i think i have pretty much worked out that long term training plans and I are not the hottest couple.  We may be great lovers at first, giving it all to the relationship, even giving a bit more than necessary.  But after the honeymoon period is over, things cool off and we don't like playing by the rules any more.  We skip dates, are unmotivated to do planned tasks and simply stop caring about each other all together in the end.  For this reason i have devised the most basic of training plan.

Monday - Spin class 45-50 mins  Run 20 mins  - My weekly brick session.
Tuesday - Endurance swim session - i will go through the workouts in my book
Wednesday - Run 45 mins Intervals or hills - something gruelling.
Thursday - Rest if i want - swim if i want - run if i want - cycle if i want.
Friday - Force Swim session - i will go through the workouts in my book.
Saturday - Bike outside for one hour plus.
Sunday - Run outside - a long run, slower and at least 50 minutes.

As i am almost doing this already, but with a few skipped session, i think this could be easy to stick to.  I realise i have to increase my intensity as i get better, which is why these are times rather than distances.  And they are flexible.  Also, its only a sprint, the swim is short - 400m so i really want to get my bike skills and endurance increased.  That is where i can make up the most time.  So really, Fridays swim and Thursdays rest/anything day can be interchanged or missed and i won't feel bad.  If i miss a force swim, i will add one to another day.  I really like swimming after doing other things, its so nice to get in the pool after a sweaty session.

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