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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Country Smells.

A bit annoyed with myself yesterday, really for knowing my husband better.  I should know that he isn't going to get up early, or even just a bit late when he is adjusting to UK time zones.  I should have brought my workout gear out of the bedroom and got my ass to the gym or out for a run.  He got up at noon, by which time i wanted to do something with him, not exercise. But i'm trying not to beat my self up about missing a few workouts in these first two weeks of him being here.  With the house stuff still to arrive, and his mum coming too, there is bound to be a few missed sessions.

Today I had learnt though and had my stuff ready.  I wanted to do a longer run outside.  I mapped a route which was 5.75 miles.  Next week is my 10K so wanted to get near that mileage.  It was 1C but sunny and fresh.  I love running outside in winter as i have a thing for running tights and skirts.  I feel cute, which i like.  I added my down gilet, hat, shades and ipod and i was off at 10.30am.  The run was serene with very little traffic.  Narrow country roads and the smell of cattle farms. I love living out here.  5.78m in 55:55  avg pace 9:40  (9.30K at 6:01 pace)

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