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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Forgotten Run

Last week i ran a decent amount, even forgot about one run i did on Friday and it was 5 miles!  I totalled 23 miles which is really good for me.  But this week, this bathroom and kitchen renovation has really been getting in the way.  Monday i ran for an hour at 7am before the toil started.  I was intentially taking Tuesday off and planning on running yesterday.  That did not happen.  We were working till 10.30pm on the house.  I insisted Jeff get the bathroom walls finished so i can tile today.

Have you ever tiled a bathroom?  Well i can tell you that its no easy work.  There is a lot of crouching to standing to sitting to crouching to standing.  Up down up down like a yo-yo.  I remember when i did Jeffs bathroom, the next day i could hardly walk!! Its like slow strength training ALL DAY LONG.  

Admittedly this time i am in better shape and i know where i went wrong. Having the tile cutter on the floor was a mistake. Today i'm having it on a small table so i don't necessarily have to  get out of the bath to cut each tile.  I hope this will save my legs. I really don't want to run 13.1 miles on Sunday with dead aching legs from tiling.

So there will be no running today, but i will go tomorrow for an easy 4 miles i think.  And today i will stretch out after i finish, nice loooooong stretches.

On a good note, the kitchen is almost complete.  I did my first kitchen sink instillation yesterday (on my own) and it went fine.  I always learn something from doing a job the first time, and i did, but nothing that was so terrible.  I'd say the next one will be perfect. The tile back splash looks AMAZING i just can't wait to see the final look.  That will come monday or tuesday and i'll post pictures.

Well have a great weekend everyone.  I'll see you after i have PB'd my first HM!

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