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Monday, September 20, 2010

A swift kick up the butt...

...should get me back on track 

Seriously, i need one.  

This week has been a poor excuse for a training week. I left my recovery run until Tuesday and then copped out at 2.1 miles due to my lack of trail finding and a bit of a time crunch.  And Thursday is my only other run and that was a quick 2.5 miler.  I have done more drinking than running which is not very normal and i'm not too happy about it.  And as i added my runs to my running log today i realised that i need to do a long run this week and its not going to happen.  I may get to it on Tuesday.  

I was at the Packers - Bills game today, so there will be no running.  Tomorrow i need to pack and i fly home.  I may get a few miles in in the morning, if i get up early. I would like to, but i would also like to lie in bed with my hubby who i won't see for another 6 weeks or so.
Running has taken a back seat to renovations and friends this week.  I suppose that's okay. Sometimes that will happen and given i won't see these friends again for ages, its the best choice. I have no regrets, it just feels weird.  After not having anything to do but run in England, to come here and have so much to do, it feels a bit weird.  But i will soon be back to running being one of few time fillers. That and my new job of course.

Tailgating. I was a bit chilly in the morning.

But it got warm and i bought a new cap.
 I don't really wear caps apart from running in.
And all my caps are Packer caps.
Pretty cool helmet.

Me and ma Hubby.

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