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Monday, September 6, 2010

Renovation progress

We have go to the point in the bathroom where we are building up as opposed to tearing out.  Jeff is getting the walls done so we can put in the bath and get the plumbing finished off.  Then Jeff will finish the walls and i can start prettifying - aka, tiling.  I hit the Depot today and bought subway tiles in snow white; i'm totally stoked to use these, i love them and they are pretty timeless and en vogue right now and i got some lovely mixed grey mosaic glass tile for a bit of pizazz and the grout and adhesive etc.  Its gonna be one schweet bathroom when i'm done!

On my second trip to home depot to buy the backer-board (this is the proper board to tile on in a bathroom, not just green board or standard drywall) i spotted some gorgeous glass mosaic tile that will be lovely in the kitchen. I wasn't going to go quite that fancy in the kitchen, it is a rental after all, but it was only $5 a sq foot, i only need 11 sq feet and it will give the kitchen a wow factor that is worth way more than $55!  I also lucked out on the counter top, they sell it in 10 foot lengths (just what i needed to then cut up, 8' being too small) and the one i have chosen is really pretty nice, for laminate.  When i got home i noticed that the paint i had found in my basement called Ginger, which is a creamy yellow, which i had considered painting the kitchen with was absolutely perfect to compliment the tile, almost matching one of the mosaic colours, and the cabinets match one of the other colours of tile too.  Superb!

Me and ma homies - Amanda, Scott, Me and Anne
My dinner last night. Seafood Paella at Craw Daddy's.  It was as good as it looks.

So even with a stinking hangover, i have had a productive day of shopping and painting woodwork in one of the bedrooms.

As for running, i did my recovery run, but it wasn't as nice as the one i did with the club. Mostly as that one was SO much fun, running trails with a group of fun folks.  Also, this one was hard on my legs as i was running on the pavement.  I ended up doing only 1.87 miles.

But yesterday i did a 5 miler before we went out to dinner and drinks which was really good, avg pace 9.04 min/mile  so i could almost call that my speed work for the week.  I really want to get back to my schedule, but i have heard the best kind of training plan is a flexible one, so as long as i keep the mileage up, do a long run a week and keep pushing myself, i think i should be okay till i get back to England.

I'm planning a 8-10 miler tomorrow as i want to get a long run in, but the Chicago HM is on Sunday coming so don't want to overdo it.  Also, i will be doing a lot of renovation work tomorrow too.  Thankfully Jeff is off work as its a bank holiday this weekend.  I just want to get this house DONE.

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