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Friday, September 24, 2010

Done. Now lets move on to Tri'ing

So it occur ed to me last night, when i realised that i had missed the cut off date for the cheaper entry fee for the Birmingham HM that i have achieved that goal.  On my run today, i convinced myself that it was okay to not enter said HM as i have done what i set out to do.  And you see above, where it says 'My journey to becoming a Triathlete' well that is my actual goal.  The reasons that i chose to do the HM were the relatively high cost of tri training- not having a job and being skint and pool fees being steep, and that it was the thing that inspired me to maintain exercise in the first place. 

Well on September 12th i achieved that goal.  And i did so with a better time than i had thought i could.  When i entered the Great North Run i predicted my finish time to be 2:20 - 2:40 so my 2:10:44 kicks that. 

From the looks of my training log the past few weeks i fell of the wagon a touch.  I know i have been super busy, renovating, catching up with friends and trying to find somewhere to live and buying a car and stuff, but i didn't run for a whole week.  It make me realise that i am not one of those people that just can't stand it when they don't exercise.  I am one of those that feels it is very important. That gets that buzz after a hard work out. Feels good for the rest of the day if i get 5 miles in before noon.  But i am no exercise fiend.  Its easy to slip.

So with that in mind, and my goal actually wanting to be a triathlete, i have no shame in not entering the Birmingham HM. I've done it. I can move on to tri training. I just don't have the gusto to train for two things and I want to TRI.

Until i get settled i am not having a training schedule. I will aspire to go to the pool twice a week, keep up running and get on my bike every week.  Build up that base.  I have a few short running races i will be entering but my main goal is to get in to the swing of three sport training.

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